Magazine decal tutorial

A quick tutorial! Full tutorial will soon be up on my Youtube channel!

Step 1: add top coat over the image in the magazine that you want to use.
2: let it dry completely and use a scissor to cut around the decal.
3: let it soak in water for about one minute.
4: carefully peel the paper off and let it dry.
5: add top coat on your nail and gently place the decal while the polish is still a bit wet.
6. add top coat and you’re done!
This idea/technique is inspired by super talented yagala.
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One thought on “Magazine decal tutorial

  1. Wow, amazing! I do a similar thing: I file down very gently the back of the paper. But because of the filing, the paper need to be a bit thicker, and even after the filing it will be a bit thick, so I have to cut the image exactly at the edges. But this technique seems working much better! I’ll definitely try it out! Thank you so much for sharing!!! =)

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