Zoya Wanderlust Summer 2017 Collection – Swatches and review

The Zoya Wanderlust collection has just released! It consists of eight full coverage cremes and four shimmers. The Wanderlust polishes are individually priced at $10, and also available as a 6-PC set for $60.00. You can get them from Zoya.com if you’re from the US or eleven.se or purecosmetic.se if you shop from Sweden.

 Zoya Arbor. Stunning army green creme! A bit sheer and thin though, so I needed 2-3 coats for full coverage.


 Zoya Byrdie. Such a pretty color! So berry and squishy! I LOVE THIS! The formula was great and I had no problems at all with the application. I really like this polish! Two coats and top coat.


 Zoya Cora. Coral-orange-ish creme. I had som trouble swatching this one. I needed three coats for full opacity, the formula was very thin and it was hard to make it even. It became very patchy at the first two layers.


 Zoya Esty. OCW! What you see is one coat with top coat. Applied like a dream! I’m not totally in love with this bubblegum-ish Barbie pink, but since the formula is perfect, I’ll give it a 10/10.


 Zoya Journey. Shimmery strawberry red with a hint of orange. Two coats, easy to apply and to work with. I really liked this formula.


 Zoya Lois. OMG, I love this shade! It’s so flattering! And the formula was pretty good as well. Easy to apply and I needed two coats.


 Zoya Mandy. Very opaque shimmering berry pink with nice formula. Two coats and top coat is what you see.


 Zoya River. OMG! I love this so much! This shimmering cobalt blue looks amazing in real life! Sooo shimmery! It’s a stunner! Two coats was needed for full opacity and the formula was really good. Easy to apply.


 Zoya Sawyer. Two coats and top coat. Peachy, apricot creme with nice formula. A bit on the thinner side, so watch your cuticles!


 Zoya Scout. Not my color at all. Shimmery yellow-green-ish with a hint of gold. It was also very, very sheer and I needed four (!) coats for full opacity. I did actually try it over Arbor, that army green, and that looked amazing! I think that this polish just need some underwear.


 Zoya Sonja. A summery crimson red cream. Easy to apply and I needed two thin coats for full opacity.


 Zoya Winnie. The standard pink creme. Nothing spectacular. The formula was nice though. Two very thin coats for full opacity and it was so easy to apply! No streaks or patches or anything.


And that’s the Wanderlust collection! My thoughts about the whole collection: there are some polishes that are too similar and I would love a little bit more variety. I do like that almost every polish feels a bit neon, even the red. The colors are so vibrant and really pop on the nails! It’s a fun collection that I really like (except for that green shimmer) and I think there’s a color for everyone in the collection. Everyone can find their new favorite polish here.

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