IsaDora Wine Crush

Processed with Moldiv

One of my favourite fall polishes – IsaDora ‘Wine Crush’ (108). It’s one of the most beautiful polishes I own and it’s so hard to describe. It’s a dark base filled with purple, gold and (I’m not sure, but it looks like it some green in there too) glitter. Two coats for full coverage, it dries super fast and dries a bit matte with a sandpaper textured finish (like OPI’s liquid sand). So, this is two coats of Wine Crush and two generous coats of HK Girl top coat.

NOTD: CEV More Pink Please


A few weeks ago I received a lovely package from CEV Nail Polish, including this beautiful hot pink ‘More Pink Please’. This is two coats and CEV matte top coat. I’ve only tested this one and a beautiful light blue, but so far I’m very impressed! I painted my nails on Wednesday and it’s Monday today. I’ve ben on vacation at our country hose and carved interior decorations, chopped down trees and you know, just haven’t been careful with my nails at all and this polish has not chipped yet! It looks like I painted my nails this weekend!

#veckansopi: Sorry I’m Fizzy Today


The theme for next weeks #veckansopi in collab with @opisverige is ‘Sorry I’m Fizzy Today’! I paired it with ‘You’re So Vain-illa’ from the same collection.
Oh, I can’t deside which nail shape I should have. Oval shape make my nails look longer but I really love square/squoval and I find it easier to file square nails. (Yeap, I’m lazy) Maybe I should try coffin shaped nails next? What do you think, what shape do you prefer?