OPI California Dreaming Summer 2017 – swatches and review


Finally! Time for the OPI Summer 2017 Collection! Inspired by California’s majestic sunsets and diverse landscapes, the collection includes rich merlot and punchy pink, orange, and coral hues along with soft, warm shades of rose, pink peach and nude that conjure the state’s most picturesque locales. ”I always draw inspiration from fashion, food and travel and California’s unique mix of cultures, cuisines and landscapes serves as a constant source of creativity.” – Suzi Weiss-Fischmann

Collection Includes: This Is Not Whine Country, GPS I Love You, Malibu Pier Pressure, To The Mouse House We Go!, Me, Myself & I, Santa Monica Beach Peach, Time For A Napa, Excuse Me, Big Sur!, Barking Up The Wrong Sequoia, Feeling Frisco, Sweet Carmel Sunday & Don’t Take Yosemite For Granite.

Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia. Love this Salomon pink shade! The formula was ok, neither too thin or thick. Two coats for full opacity. / Älskar den här laxrosa nyansen! Formulan var ok, varken för tunn eller tjock och två lager behövdes för full täckning.


Don’t Take Yosemite For Granite is a very elegant and chic grey shimmer. I thought it would be patchy or streaky, but I was wrong. I really like this shade and formula! This is two coats and top coat. / Väldigt elegant granitgrått skimmer. Jag trodde att det skulle bli fläckigt eller strimmigt, men ack så fel jag hade. Två lager och överlack.


Excuse Me, Big Sur! is a classic pink creme. Nothing special that we haven´t seen before, but I liked the formula. Easy to apply and good coverage. / Klassiskt rosa krämlack. Inget speciellt som vi inte har sett tidigare, men jag gillade formulan. Lättapplicerat och bra täckning.


Feeling Frisco. Not my favorite from the collection. Pretty thin formula, hard to work with and patchy at the first two layers. This is three coats and top coat. / Inte någon storfavorit ur kollektionen. Ganska tunn formula, svårjobbat och fläckigt vid första två lagren.


GPS I Love You is a magenta crelly. Smooth formula, easy to apply and good coverage. This is two coats and top coat. / Bra formula, lättapplicerat och bra täckning. Två lager och överlack.


Malibu Pier Pressure. This is a interesting polish. I would describe it as a Barbie pink neon because it’s super bright! And it’s almost a OCW (one coat for full opacity), but since the first coat was so thin, I had to apply two coats. / Det här är ett intressant lack. Jag skulle nog beskriva det som Barbierosa neon för det är nästan självlysande! Och det är nästan ett OCW (ett lager för full täckning), men eftersom jag applicerade första lagret så tunt så var jag tvungen att applicera två lager.


Me, Myselfie & I is a great redish orange. I love this creamy, smooth formula! So easy to apply and it’s almost a OCW! For this pic, I used two coats though. / Så orange det kan bli innan det blir rött. Jag älskar den här krämiga formulan! Så lättapplicerat och nästan ett OCW! Här hade jag dock två lager.


Santa Monica Beach Peach. So vibrant and bright! Almost neon! I like this crelly formula. It was easy to apply but a little bit too thin formula, so be careful around the cuticles! / Så färgstarkt! Nästan neon! Jag gillar verkligen den här crelly-formulan! Lättapplicerat men något för tunn formula, så var försiktiga vid nagelbanden!


Sweet Carmel Sunday. Golden tones are not my faves, but the formula was pretty good actually. A bit too thin, but easy to apply and to build up the opacity. This is three coats and top coat. / Guldiga toner är sällan mina favoriter, men formulan var ändå väldigt bra. Något rinnig, men lättapplicerat och lätt att bygga upp täckningen. Detta är tre lager och överlack.


This is Not Whine Country. OMG this color! I. Love. It. I would call it a crelly/almost jelly because the finish is so squishy and glossy. A bit on the thin side, but it was easy to apply and dried very fast. This is two coats and top coat. / ÅH! Jag älskar det här lacket!! Jag skulle kalla det för ett crelly/nästan jelly eftersom formulan är så glansig och halvtäckande. Som jordgubbskräm! Något rinnig, men lättapplicerat och torkade väldigt fort. Två lager och överlack.


Time For a Napa. I really enjoyed to apply this polish. Super chic shade and great formula. So easy to work with! Two coats and top coat is what you see here. / Jag gillade verkligen det här lacket. Supersnygg nyans och superbra formula. Så lätt att arbeta med! Två lager och överlack är vad ni ser här.


To the Mouse House We Go! A pretty red, nothing spectacular. Did like the crelly/almost jelly formula though! Two coats and top coat for full opacity! / Ett fint rött men inget speciellt direkt. Gillade dock den glansiga jelly/crelly-formulan. Två lager behövdes för full täckning.

Zoya Wanderlust Summer 2017 Collection – Swatches and review

The Zoya Wanderlust collection has just released! It consists of eight full coverage cremes and four shimmers. The Wanderlust polishes are individually priced at $10, and also available as a 6-PC set for $60.00. You can get them from Zoya.com if you’re from the US or eleven.se or purecosmetic.se if you shop from Sweden.

 Zoya Arbor. Stunning army green creme! A bit sheer and thin though, so I needed 2-3 coats for full coverage.


 Zoya Byrdie. Such a pretty color! So berry and squishy! I LOVE THIS! The formula was great and I had no problems at all with the application. I really like this polish! Two coats and top coat.


 Zoya Cora. Coral-orange-ish creme. I had som trouble swatching this one. I needed three coats for full opacity, the formula was very thin and it was hard to make it even. It became very patchy at the first two layers.


 Zoya Esty. OCW! What you see is one coat with top coat. Applied like a dream! I’m not totally in love with this bubblegum-ish Barbie pink, but since the formula is perfect, I’ll give it a 10/10.


 Zoya Journey. Shimmery strawberry red with a hint of orange. Two coats, easy to apply and to work with. I really liked this formula.


 Zoya Lois. OMG, I love this shade! It’s so flattering! And the formula was pretty good as well. Easy to apply and I needed two coats.


 Zoya Mandy. Very opaque shimmering berry pink with nice formula. Two coats and top coat is what you see.


 Zoya River. OMG! I love this so much! This shimmering cobalt blue looks amazing in real life! Sooo shimmery! It’s a stunner! Two coats was needed for full opacity and the formula was really good. Easy to apply.


 Zoya Sawyer. Two coats and top coat. Peachy, apricot creme with nice formula. A bit on the thinner side, so watch your cuticles!


 Zoya Scout. Not my color at all. Shimmery yellow-green-ish with a hint of gold. It was also very, very sheer and I needed four (!) coats for full opacity. I did actually try it over Arbor, that army green, and that looked amazing! I think that this polish just need some underwear.


 Zoya Sonja. A summery crimson red cream. Easy to apply and I needed two thin coats for full opacity.


 Zoya Winnie. The standard pink creme. Nothing spectacular. The formula was nice though. Two very thin coats for full opacity and it was so easy to apply! No streaks or patches or anything.


And that’s the Wanderlust collection! My thoughts about the whole collection: there are some polishes that are too similar and I would love a little bit more variety. I do like that almost every polish feels a bit neon, even the red. The colors are so vibrant and really pop on the nails! It’s a fun collection that I really like (except for that green shimmer) and I think there’s a color for everyone in the collection. Everyone can find their new favorite polish here.

Ciaté London Gelology SS17


Got the opportunity to try out the four new shades from Ciaté London Gelology. Gelology is a serie of more pigmented formula, which give you a gel-like finish. They are all 7-free: free from formaldehyde, toluene, parabens, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, benzene and triphenyl phosphate.

Serien Ciaté Gelology har en extra kraftfullt pigmenterad nagellacksformula som ger en glansig, stark och fyllig nagel med känsla av gellack. Ciaté Gelology är 7 Free, vilket betyder att nagellacken är fria från Formaldehyd, Toluen, Parabener, DBP (Debutyl Ftalater), Kamfer, Bensen, Trifenylfosfat. Finns just nu hos Apotek Hjärtat.

Ciaté London Gelology Goal Digger is a beautiful cool toned metallic bronze that is soo hard to capture. I needed two thin coats for full coverage. / Goal Digger är ett vackert bronsfärgat metallic-lack med kall ton som var otroligt svårt att fånga på bild. Jag behövde två lager för full täckning.


The Naked Truth is a pale pink creme. I normally hate pale pinks because they are always so streaky and patchy and hard to work with, but I actually liked this one. Smooth creamy formula. Två coats and top coat above. / The Naked Truth är ett ljusrosa krämlack. Jag brukar hata såna här ljusa rosa för de brukar vara så svåra att jobba med. Liksom att det blir fläckigt och randigt under appliceringen. Men jag gillade verkligen denna. Härligt krämig lättarbetad formula. Två lager och överlack ser ni ovan.


Moondust. Isn’t she a stunner!? Purple base packed with shimmer and glitter. Amazing! Two coats and top coat is what you see here. / Moondust, hur fin är hon inte!? Lila bas packat med skimmer och glitter. Så snyggt! Två lager och överlack.


And the last one, Supernova. This is two normal coats so as you can see it’s very sheer. I normally don’t like sheer polishes but this one works. It looks so clean, fresh. And it looks amazing over creme polish! I’m gonna try it over Naked Truth. / Och så sista, Supernova. Detta är två lager så som ni kan se är det väldigt skirt. Jag gillar vanligen inte skira lack, men detta funkar. Det ser så fräscht ut. Perfekt på sommaren! Och så ser det helt fantastiskt ut över ett vanligt krämlack!

Zoya Charming Spring 2017 Collection – Swatches and review


Zoya Charming Spring 2017 Collection:
Millie – violet shmmery microglitter
Amira – sheer dewy blue microglitter
Lacey – sheer dewy green microglitter
Jordan – baby pink creme
Tina – amethyst cream
Abby – light lavender cream


Zoya Spring 2017 – Abby

Zoya Abby is a light lavender cream. It’s a nice polish and I really liked the creamy formula. This is two simple coats and top coat.


Zoya Spring 2017 – Amira

I would describe Amira as a sheer dewy blue microglitter. It’s on the sheer side and I applied two coats but can see now that I would need three coats for full coverage and depth. It was easy to apply and control and it dried pretty fast. Two coats and top coat.


Zoya Spring 2017 – Tina

I really like this amethyst shade! It’s so flattering. Had no problems what so ever with the application, it applied like a dream. What you see is two coats and top coat.


Zoya Spring 2017 – Millie

I would describe Millie as a very shimmery micro glitter. It’s normally not really my cup of tea, but I like this one. I should have used three coats though for more color density. The formula was ok, just a bit hard to control and really wanted to go underneath my cuticles. Two coats and top coat.


Zoya Spring 2017 – Lacey

This is Amiras green sister, a sheer dewy green microglitter.  It was easy to apply and control and it dried pretty fast just like Amira. And I should have used three coats for color density, even though I like this one a bit sheer. What you see is two sheer coats and top coat.


Zoya Spring 2017 – Jordan

The formula was on the thin side and a bit hard to control around the cuticles. This was the only polish I felt was a bit disappointing. This is two coats and top coat.


Summary: It’s not a unique collection, but I actually like every one of them. Abby and Jordan are, for a polish junkie, the least interesting. Pretty spring pastels but a bit dupeable. The sheer microglitter sisters, Amira and Lacey are interesting and looks so much better in person. But 3-4 coats for best color density? I love them and hate them at the same time, lol. They are pretty at 2 coats only too. Millie is the star and the most interesting polish in this collection and I like a dark shade as a contrast to all the pastels.

What do you think of the collection?

Essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes – swatches and review


Mellan säsongerna från murrigt rött, grönt, guld och glittrigt till sommarens knallgula, cerise och neoner är det skönt med ett gäng neutrala färger. Vid första anblicken tyckte jag att kollektionen kändes ”meh”, men såhär efter swatchandet gillar jag dem allihop. Dock är det otippat nog de ”tråkigaste” som blev favoriterna.

I feels nice with a palette cleanser between christmas with all the reds and summer with bright, neon shades. My first impression though was ”meh”. But now, after swatching them, I like them all. Some more, some less.


Essie Gel Couture At The Barre

Essie Gel Couture At The Barre. My favorite among these. A two-coater, easy to apply and sooo flattering shade. / Min favorit. Två lager för full täckning, lättapplicerat och så smickrande nyans!


Essie Gel Couture Closing Night

Essie Gel Couture Closing Night. I had high hopes for this shimmery creme. It looks almost grey in some lights and army green in others. But it just looks like mold on my nails. I dunno. Maybe it looks better on a darker skintone? I liked the smooth formula though. / Jag hade höga förväntningar på det här skimrande cremelacket. Det ser nästan grått ut i vissa ljus och armégrönt i andra. Men på naglarna har det nästan samma nyans som mögel. Hm, jag vet inte. Det kanske passar en mörkare hudton? Gillade dock den lättapplicerade formulan.


Essie Gel Couture Hold the Position

Essie Gel Couture Hold the Position. Perfect spring-summer shade! Its so youthful yet sofisticated. Two coats, applied like a dream. / Perfekta vår-sommarlacket! Ungdomlig men ändå sofistikerad. Två lager behövdes och applicerades utan problem.


Essie Gel Couture Perfect Posture

Essie Gel Couture Perfect Posture. A bit patchy at the first two layers but evened out at the third. The formula was a bit thin and a little hard to work with. / Det blev ganska fläckigt vid de två första lagren, men jämnade ut sig efter ett tredje. Formulan kändes ganska rinnig och var lite svårjobbat.


Essie Gel Couture Lace Me Up

Essie Gel Couture Lace Me Up. A bit patchy at the first two layers, but it evened out at the third. Dried pretty fast. / Ganska fläckigt vid de två första lagren men jämnade ut sig efter det tredje. Upplevde att det torkade väldigt fort. Fin nyans.


Essie Gel Couture Satin Slipper

Essie Gel Couture Satin Slipper. Can you tell the different between this one and Lace me up? They are soo similar! Lace me up has a pink undertone and Satin Slipper is more yellow toned. More light, light beige. It’s such a romantic, flattering shade and I really like this color and the formula. Creamy and easy to apply. There is micro shimmer in it but it stays in the bottle and do not transfer to your nails. / Kan du se skillnad på detta och Lace me up? De är så lika! Men lace me up har en rosa underton medan detta Satin Slipper är mer gultonat. Mer ljusbeige. Det är en så romantisk och smickrande nyans och jag gillar verkligen både nyansen och formulan. Krämig och lättapplicerad. I flaskan syns ett fint skimmer, men tyvärr syns det inte alls på naglarna.


Summary: it’s a cute collection and I really like that Essie put something more than only pink and beige in it. If your looking for ”your” beige, I bet you’ll find it here. At least one of them will look great on you. I also, overall, liked the formula. Some patchy and some three-layers, but they all felt creamy and dried fast. It’s a pretty collection and worth spend your money on. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?


Sammanfattning: en söt kollektion och jag gillar verkligen att Essie har med fler färger än bara rosa och beige, även om just dessa var de jag gillade minst. Om du letar efter ”din” beige, så är jag nästan säker på att du kommer att hitta en här. Jag gillade också formulan som kändes krämig och torkade fort. Det blev lite fläckigt vid de första lagren, men så blir det ju lätt av alla ljusa, pastellfärger.